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Commercial photography services

Commercial photography is a fast growing area in photography. It is a broad term that is used to refer to a range of images. Nonetheless, all these high quality images usually serve a similar commercial purpose that is to promote a company or the product or service that they offer. These content is then usually placed on marketing media such as billboards. These days, much of this marketing is done online on websites and other social platforms such as Instagram. Due to its broad definition, the concept of commercial photography can be confusing especially for a beginner. Here is a guide to help you as you start out.

Types of Commercial Photography

Fashion Photography
One of the types of commercial photography that has existed for the longest time is fashion photography. It is a type of photography that focuses on the showcasing of clothing and other fashion items. Models are usually are a central part in these commercial photography as they get to wear the items being featured. For this reason, as the photographer, you should know how to work with people and give directions on how to pose. These photos are then usually used in fashion magazines.

Product Photography
This is another major category in commercial photography. Unlike fashion photography where the items to be displayed are modelled, here, stand-alone pictures of the products are taken. Usually, these are small items that can be placed on top of a surface such as make up products or shoes. Most of such photographs are taken in a studio. This is so as to be able to tweak the backdrop for maximum effect on the product. This is therefore an important skill to have.

Food Photography
This is another genre of commercial photography that involves taking images of food. The food photographer take the photos of these meals in a way that they look enticing. Therefore, your duties will not only involve taking the photos during the photoshoot, but also editing them after to get a nice look. The images can then be used for advertisements of food facilities such as restaurants. The photos can also be applied in packaging and menus among others. You can work with a food stylist to help you achieve the best looks of the food.

Environmental Portraits
Another type of commercial photography involves photos that are taken of a general environment. This is unlike the above all of which have a specific product that is being showcased. Here, the intention is to give a wide picture of activities happening in a working environment so as to give a certain impression. For example, photos can be taken of employees taking care of plants in a plant nursery. This can be used to communicate how the nursery takes care of its products.

Architectural Photography
This is also a type of commercial photography which focuses on capturing photos of buildings and other architectural structures. These photographs are usually intended to bring out the aesthetics and design of the place for commercial purposes. Usually, a few people can be included in the photos to make them livelier.

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